Become better acquainted with PEPA duties and activities governance! Firstly, we are welcome all visitors, and then introduce our assignments, structure, and future directions.


>> Chairman Welcome

It is my great pleasure to address every body in the oil business industry. We are in the Petroleum Exploration and Production Authority (PEPA) very much glad to welcome you all to invest in oil exploration in the Republic of Yemen.     more


>> PEPA Assignments

The establishment of the Authority is aimed at implementing the government assignments in the exploration and production of Oil throughout the Republic in accordance with applicable laws and jurisdictions within the general policy of the slate, and the objectives and priorities of the national development plan.     more


>> Organization Chart

Having perused The Article(1) & (5) on the Republican Resolution No. (204) of 1997 Concerning The Establishment of The Petroleum Exploration & Production Authority, that which explain the authority directors, members and appointed procedure.     more


>> Future Direction

PEPA is implementing an ambitious program with a number of oil exploration and production companies. After the tremendous success that followed the government’s campaigning worldwide, tens of foreign and Arab companies are competing to win in last three bids to invest in Yemen.     more


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