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- Attraction of International Investments .

- Encouraging National and Arab Capital to Invest in the Petroleum Sector .

- Promoting Public Legislation's of Economic Activity in this Sector.

- Continuous Improvement of Agreements Financial and Economic Conditions.

- Updating Institutional  Building, Promoting National Cadre and Transfer of Modern Technology.

- Continuous Upgrading of the Scientific Petroleum Geological Concepts in Yemen and Encouraging Scientific Research.


Future Development Projects


1. Yemen Data Management Center

Data Bank Development Project DBDP

DBDP is a Secured, Safe, and Integrated Data Management Center for Yemen E&P (Exploration and Production) Data. DBDP Will Provide Efficient, Timely Access, and the Ability to Manage Yemen E&P Data. Managers, Geoscientists, and Engineers Will Count on DBDP as their Source For all the E&P Data. DBDP Will Incorporate State of the art Software and Hardware Technology and Advanced Oilfield Services Workflow Abilities.     more

DBDP Features:

Digital Data Archiving.

Centralized Information Access.

On line Data access using Web technology.

Management Reporting

Data Delivery locally and Worldwide.

System Administration.

Production optimization.

DBDP Benefits:

Increased productivity.

Knowledge and information sharing.

Faster and better decision- making.

Time and Cost saving

Increased teamwork.


PEPA Building.

Data Bank

2. Establishing Petroleum Labs in the Following Fields:





3. Establishing Technical Working Teams in PEPA

Geological, Geophysical Team.

Reservoirs & Reserves.

Economic for Exploration & Production.

Data Management.


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