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Having perused The Article(3) on the Republican Resolution No. (204) of 1997 Concerning The Establishment of The Petroleum Exploration & Production Authority, that which explain the following:

The establishment of the Authority is aimed at implementing the government assignments in the exploration and production of Oil throughout the Republic in accordance with applicable laws and jurisdictions within the general policy of the slate, and the objectives and priorities of the national development plan. To target the achievement of this, the Authority shall practice the following


tasks and assignments:

  1. Direct field/technical supervision and monitoring of oil exploration and production activities and the supporting oil services thereof in all phases carried out by the operating companies, in accordance with applicable agreements, and provision of the necessary services to facilitate their basic activities in oil operations as well as preparing of reports as prescribed by the rules and manners of the accurate international oil industry thereof.

  2. Discussion of work plans and budgets of the exploration and production operations and proposing of remarks to the Minister for approval and follow-up in coordination with the Ministry.

  3. Participation in preparing and implementing of promotion plans and programs for the opened blocks so as to attract investment in oil exploration and production.

  4. Proposing of appointment in Operating Committees and Consultative Exploration Committees from the Yemeni side in the agreements, supervising of their activity and evaluation of their performance in accordance with the provisions of the agreements and ministerial resolutions thereof.

  5. Receiving and monitoring of the disposition of oil or rock specimens resulted from drilling operations while being tested locally, providing relevant permissions to export them for analysis abroad and following up of results.

  6. Receiving, collecting. Sorting. Storage, saving and analysis of quantitative and qualitative data and information with respect to oil exploration and production and submitting of detailed reports and the regular statistical summery thereof to the Minister in accordance with the information system endorsed by the Ministry.

  7. Review and licensing of the statements of materials, supplies. Machines and equipment necessary for petroleum operations-forwarded by the operating companies-and monitoring of their usage or dispositions or re-exporting any of them .. in light of the provisions of applicable agreements.

  8. Follow up of procedures concerning optional and mandatory analyses in the agreements concessions. Providing of information and data to the exploration applicants and regulating of the technical information exchange between companies operating in the neighboring blocks.

  9. Participating in the preparation and analysis of geological, geophysical and geochemical studies for the sedimentary basins in the Republic, as well as the preparation of economical/technical studies for the oil and gas reservoirs and proposing the necessary recommendations thereof.

  10. Monitoring the application of environmental standards in the operations areas in coordination with the relevant authorities with respect to measures and tests and to urgently, notify of any threatens to the environment.

  11. Provision of liaison and coordination services with the relevant government authorities in order to facilitate companiesí activities.

  12. Preparation of professional  training programs to upgrade technical and vocational skills for its employees. Preparation of draft regulations, rules and resolutions relevant to the Authority for the purpose of enhancing its activity and achieve its objectives in the petroleum exploration and production.

  13. Any other tasks deemed to he necessary by nature of its purposes or delegated by the Minister.


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