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Third International Bid Round (Round 3)

Winner Companies

PEPA would like to take this opportunity to thank all companies who took part in the Yemen International Bid Round 3 process, and to congratulate those companies that were successful in winning blocks.

PEPA is very pleased with the level of interest shown throughout the round, and on the vigorous competition shown in the bidding.


In total, 22 bids were made on the 8 blocks awarded, from 12 companies representing 11 countries.

5 companies, representing 5 countries, succeeded in winning at least one block.

Company Block Governorate

Burren Energy PLC

Aden/Abyan (17) Aden/Abyan


Al -Jawf (19) Al-Jawf
N/Belhaf (28) SHABWAH
Al Rayan (57) SHABWAH
OMV (YEMEN) S/Sanau  (29) Al-MAHARA
MEDCOENERGI Wadi Amed (82) Hadhramout
Wadi Arat  (83) Hadhramout
DNO Ghayl Bin Yamin (84) Hadhramout

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