We provide investors with detailed information on promotional Blocks (Open Blocks) In this section, introduce the Economic & Petroleum Policy, investment opportunities, how you can invest in Yemen, sample of MOU (Memorandum of Understanding), PSA (Petroleum Shearing Agreement) Description & Development.


>> Overview


The government's policy of opening up the economy and liberalizing import controls, in cooperation with a stable political climate, has encouraged international investors to take a new approach to the possibilities of this emerging market.     more


>> Why Invest in Yemen..?

Investment Opportunities, Special Privileges and Exemptions


>> How you can Invest in Yemen?

Interested company/companies should send a letter to Yemen's Ministry of Oil and Minerals to introduce itself and show its intention to invest in certain open block/blocks.     more


>> Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Print or Download Sample Copy for reference,2007.     more


>> Production Sharing Agreement (PSA)

PSA - Latest Incentives, PSA - Description, Basic Terms.     more


>> Open Blocks

Where you can invest in Yemen, Summery about Open Blocks.     more


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