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Multi –Client Offshore Seismic survey

(Scope of Work)



 1)    The survey must cover the Yemen offshore as follows :

  •     Red Sea.

  •     Gulf of Aden.

  •     Socotra Area.

2)    The survey will be 2D and some area must be 3D as necessary survey and required technically. Required 2D survey is about (……. km).

3)    Establish processing center in Yemen if applicable

4)    Confidentially and the right of (X) company to promote and market the data for a period (determine a period).

5)    Promotion must be as follows:

  •  International petroleum conference.

  •  Direct communication with international petroleum companies.

  •  Advertising in the international petroleum magazines, newspaper&website.

6)    Company could propose the income according to  the ,

Income from total expenses

Company share %

PEPA share %

0% - 50%



50 % - 100%



100 % - 150 %



More than 200%




7)    A company could propose the price of each km of the survey with estimated total cost of at lest 10,000 km 2D.

8)    Possibility to reprocess the available data in the area

9)    The technical must contains all the necessary aspect and parameter survey to review by PEPA.

10)    The contractor/company shall submit all documents in details to the (PEPA) .

11)    The company could mention its experience in offshore survey.

12)    For more details you can contact PEPA head office or have a meeting with PEPA technical team.

13)    The project will be as company's own risk and cost ., and will be recoverable cost according to final agreement with MOM and PEPA.




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