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The last two years 2006-2008 testify the many achievements in the oil production field in terms of increase and maintaining the level of production in the different blocks, particularly that the field undergo natural decline in the production. That was achieved by many methods which was achieved the new explorations either in the new exploration blocks or in terms of developing the productive fields by increase the drilling wells and exploration of new reservoir. For example, during 2004 a number of 114 developing wells were drilled and bring of two new blocks in the list of producing blocks, which are S1 Damis, operated by the Vintage-American Company and block 51 E. AL-HAJR, operated by Canadian Nexen E. AL-HAJR Limited.


A big oil reservoir was discovered in the fracture basement in block 10 E. Shabwah, which is operated by Total-French Company. That resulted in the rise the production from 15,000 BOPD to 62,000 BOPD. The fracture basement reservoir is regarded as a big transition to support the oil production, because it's contain a big oil reserve, which is in the beginning exploitation.

Now, it is produced only from five blocks (14-Masila, 10-E.Shabwa and 43-S.Hwarim, b-53, S2) in Masila Say'un basin. An additional words, the new important oil discovery present in fracture basement reservoir in (Marib- Shabwah) basin as the first time in this basin on Friday 14/7/2005.

New oil well was discovered in Habban-1 ( Block-S2) , Which is operated by OMV Company which is producing now 17000 bopd.




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