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Construction Plan

Block(S1)   Damis 2012 Activities & Production Plan:

                 Optimize and continue reducing operating cost.

                 Continue to train, develop, and hire national staff to maximize Yemenization.

                 Continue developing positive relationships with neighboring communities by 

                         continuing  health care projects.

                 Extension Gas Injection system at Al-Nagiah field.

                 Extension the gas injection system.


Block(10)   Block (10) – East Shabwah 2012 Activities & Production Plan:

                      The connection of drilled wells (Oil producers, Water injectors and Water producers)                 The completion of block 10 Power plant (KPP).

                 The completion of the CCU extension (Water treatment unit, second separator

                        at CCU).

                 The completion of the export de-bottlenecking project, installing the new metering.

                 The upgrade of TPU unit.

                 The completion of CPU projects.

                 Extension Of central compressor unit (CCU)

                 Prepare to start construction of power plant unit by gas.

                 Implementation of gas Bi-fuel convertion.


(Block 9)    Block (9) – Malik 2012 Activities & Production Plan:

                 The implementation of water treatment secondary stage in   

                 Continue the third stage CPU construction in Hiswah field.

                 The implementation of pipeline construction in Alroidhat field.

                 The implementation of gathering system project.

                 The implementation of power plant project using gas.

                 The implementation of camp military construction.


(Block S2)   Block (S2) –Al -Uqlah 2012 Activities & Production  Plan

                        The implementation of Permanent facilities unit    

                  The construction of pipeline (123 km to Safer Block -18).

                  The implementation of gathering system project.

                  Implementation the construction of pipe line.

                  Continue preparing  on building the central processing facilities Habban CPF.


(Block 53)   Block (53) – East-Saar 2012 Activities & Production Plan:

                    The upgrade of fuel gas treatment unit.

                  The upgrade of integrated controls and safety system.


(Block 14)   Block (14) –Masila 2012 Activities & Production  Plan

                         Continue with well optimization program including pressure maintenance                  


                  Optimize utilization of gas and reduce diesel consumption.

                  Converting poor production wells to Injection wells.

                  Implementation the fuel gas treatment facilities unit

(Block 43)   Block (43) –South Hawarim 2012 Activities & Production Plan:

                  The implementation of modification generators using gas engine.


(Block 4)     Block (4) – West Ayad 2012 Activities & Production Plan:

                  Maintain and upgrade the necessary existing facilities.

                   Try to increase production level through various well works in development area.

                  Continue check CPU & Field Surface equipment Facilities.

                  The implementation of supporting ESCADA Pipeline project.


(Block 32)   Block (32) – Hawarim 2012 Activities & Production Plan:

                       Optimization of the oil production and ultimate oil recovery from the Tasour and     

                           Godah fields.


(Block 51)   Block (51) –East Alhajr 2012 Activities & Production  Plan:

                  Continue with well optimization program including well re-completions.

                  Continue to assess drilling opportunities.


(Block 18)    Block (18) –Mareb 2012 Activities & Production  Plan:

                                 The implementation of gas plant modification.

                  The implementation of CPU expansion project.

                  The implementation of LPG injection project.

                  The implementation of YLNG-Raydan to CPU gas supply line.

                  Metering system new control system.


Studies Plan

Exploration and production studies (Block 14,10).

Geological, geophysical and reserve studies (Block 32,43).

Seismic acquiring, geological and geophysical studies(Block S1).

Evaluation Studies for Haswa, AL-rowedhat and qarn qeamah fields (Block 9).

Development Wells


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